Are you paying more than you need to rent your holiday home?

Feb 1, 2018

Are you aware that some property rental websites such as HomeAway, Tripadvisor, Owners Direct and others are now charging YOU the guest up to 10% of your rental fee just for using their website?

If you have booked with them you will see that they have introduced a ´Service Fee´. This does not go to the property owner. It is an additional fee that you should not be paying.

Owners and guests are now barred from having direct contact with each other. All queries must go through the website administrators. You will have no contact at all with the owners. 

We at do not agree with this and will never charge the guest a service fee. The price you will see for the properties advertised on our website is what you will pay.

You will also deal direct with the owners. Their contact details are on their advert for you to use. They are not hidden from view as with the other websites.

A number of the properties on our website also appear on those mentioned above. But with us you will NEVER pay a service charge.

So why not pay us a visit and locate a property in Spain that you like and save money by booking it direct with the owner.