Please use this guide to help with setting up your property advert.

1. After you login the first page you will see is the DASHBOARD. This is an at a glance page where you can view your bookings, payments, number of inquiries, reviews and listings.

2. To edit your listing click on Listings Then Manage Listings. Your property/s will be displayed. Click on the pencil icon. This brings up the details page for the property.

3. Now you can edit it as you see fit. Create a good description etc. The Title and brief summary are limited to a set amount of characters.

4. If you want an exact location of the property, simply use the + sign on the map to zoom in and then move the locator icon to the new position.

5. Complete the rest of the form using the tick boxes. provide as much information as you can as this will help ´sell´your property.

6. You can add Spanish, French, German and Dutch by clicking on the ´in other languages´ arrows under each of the categories. You can use Google translate to copy and paste. it takes about 15 seconds to do each language and could be worth the effort. (The website can be viewed in 5 languages by select the country flag at the top of the page)


7. Click the Media tab at the top of the page or the Photos and Videos at the bottom of the page.

8. To add photos simply browse the folder on your computer and select all those you want to add. You can add them all at once. There is a set limit of 30 photos. The list will appear on the page. Then click Add Photos. To add a video it needs to be uploaded to Youtube first then the link inserted into the video box.

9. To set up your rental Rates click on the Payments tab. It is fairly self explanatory. Add a title such as Summer, Winter, etc or High,Low Mid season. then select the dates. Add the nightly rate ***this is a compulsory option*** Add the weekly rates and number of persons. Currency you prefer payment in. You can also add special offers for unbooked weeks. At the bottom of the page you will see the payments calendar and the rates set out as you have prepared them.